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Schoten  2019 By  GUY EMBRECHTS

My  C.V.  will tell  you that i am  a general physian in Schoten ( Antwerp, BE ). Next to my daily job i  also cherised a great fascination for all  arts and media around me. The creation of an art collection  was a dream for me and my partner . The final choice we made  was  for CONTEMPORY GLASS.

A rather  logic  choice  since my  partner  A. Ryckaert  attended  study  and workshops
at I.K.A.  Institute of Arts and Crafts ( Mechelen, BE). The  head of the glassstudio at that time  was Mrs M. SVOBODOVA ( CZ ). The result of all this formed the  real  base for our interest in this medium. 


Contempory  yes,  since we are participating this exiting time now. Still let us not forget that glass finds its origin  in century old   artistical techniques and forms. Glass used to be the  material for emperors now available to all. 

Our collection  has been purchased and has grown rather based on emotion and 
love for this medium. Not so much on intellectual  considerations. That is why  the diversity of this collection is that broad. 

Our goal  and the future of our  collection is simple.
To provide a good location for  the works and open up  the collection to show the great works to the interested admirors. This being the challenge and task of all collectors. 
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Bio Guy Embrechts

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